About our Protein Source: HydroBEEF

N2Health is excited to offer athletes and active individuals a cutting edge, unique protein powder that supplies incredible recovery and immune supporting ingredients. Whether you're an elite athlete, a beginner or simply want to implement a clean source of protein into your diet, Ultimate Paleo Protein is your ULTIMATE choice.  What makes Ultimate Paleo Protein different than other protein powders? The secret is in our primary ingredient - the revolutionary new HydroBEEF.

You already know lean beef is important for recovery and essential for for putting on lean muscle. So many ask the question "How can I get all the benefits of clean, lean beef without any negatives associated with it"?

HydroBEEF is a complete protein derived from all-natural, clean beef and contains no added hormones. Unlike most protein powders, no chemicals were used during the manufacturing process. What makes HydroBEEF so revolutionary is it's unique combination of digestibility, solubility and absorbability while maintaining intact critical nutrients, peptides, amino acids, nucleotide fractions, vitamins and minerals. Additionally, HydroBEEF is over 97% pure protein, is loaded with branched chain amino acids and has a nitrogen score over 100 (101.5) allowing for easier digestion. All of these unique qualities make this the perfect protein source for athletes who want to speed up recovery time between workouts. The best part of all is it's also hypoallergenic, so people with gluten, dairy, soy and other allergies can ingest HyrdoBEEF without reacting.  No other protein source on the market can boast this incredible combination of quality, effectiveness, digestibility and cleanliness.    

There are very few products currently on the market that utilize HydroBEEF protein and none of them have the unique ingredient combination of added probiotics, MCT's and L-glutamine. Probiotics further increase the digestability of the protein, MCT's enhance your body's fat burining ability, and L-glutamine is an essential building block for muscle recovery. HydroBEEF combined with these unique ingredients create an absolute muscle recovery powerhouse!

We encourage you to take a quick look at the "Comparison Chart" to see other beef based powders on the market.

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  • Hector Lopez

    Hello I hope everyone there is doing fine as for myself I am a 59 yrs. old living in the state of Florida and for 3 years actively participating in something called "Crossfit’ amazing , just wondering if you have one free sample of the Vanilla flavor that you can send me I appreciate it. I read your advertising re: Ultimate Paleo Protein in a Magazine call ’ Paleo — Modern Day Primal Living’ which I purchased at a health food store called “The Fresh Market”. Thank you for your time. yours truly Hector Lopez Ocala . Fla

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