Inventory Update

At Ultimate Paleo Protein we have currently been experiencing a shortage in our main ingredient, HydroBEEF. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and we thank you for your patience throughout this process. HydroBEEF is an very rare and unique product and there is only one supplier of this grass-fed, non-GMO beef protein source. As such, access to this product is limited but we are happy to announce that this shortage has been resolved!

We currently in the process of manufacturing the 15 serving chocolate and the 15 serving vanilla. We have also added a 15 serving unflavored/unsweetened due to many requests. We expect this to be delivered in approximately 4-6 weeks (mid/late January). In February we are expecting the 30 serving chocolate and vanilla to be shipped. We have a new look on the outside, but the same incredible nutrients on the inside. Updates will continue to be provided on our site and facebook/twitter.

In the interim we have been aggressively looking into other sources of beef protein. After analyzing our options, we have decided to manufacture another product with a new beef protein, BeefISO. This is a unique, high quality beef protein isolate made by the same company as HydroBEEF. BeefISO is 98% pure beef protein (HydroBEEF is 97%). Unlike HydroBEEF, BeefISO is not grass fed but it is certified Non-GMO, USDA grade, tested free of antibiotics and hormones and absolutely no rBST. In addition, BeefISO is University tested and clinically studied. More exciting research and features of BeefISO to come.

If you have any questions please let us know. Again, we sincerely appreciate your patience during this time.

In Good health,

Mark Norman
Owner, Ultimate Paleo Protein