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Chocolate and Vanilla Original Formula Back in Stock!

The long awaited arrival of our original formula using HydroBEEF is now officially back in stock! We thank you for your patience as we worked to get our protein back on the market. At this point it is only the small sizes of Chocolate and Vanilla that are available.  

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Inventory Update

At Ultimate Paleo Protein we have currently been experiencing a shortage in our main ingredient, HydroBEEF.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and we thank you for your patience throughout this process. HydroBEEF is an very rare and unique product and there is only one supplier of this grass-fed, non-GMO beef protein source. As such, access to this product is limited but we are happy to announce that this shortage has been resolved!

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About our Protein Source: HydroBEEF

N2Health is excited to offer athletes and active individuals a cutting edge, unique protein powder that supplies incredible recovery and immune supporting ingredients. Whether you're an elite athlete, a beginner or simply want to implement a clean source of protein into your diet, Ultimate Paleo Protein is your ULTIMATE choice.  What makes Ultimate Paleo Protein different than other protein powders? The secret is in our primary ingredient - the revolutionary new HydroBEEF.

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