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Ultimate Paleo Protein

I can't keep it on the shelf. Its a fantastic product, and even our members with extremely sensitive systems tolerate it with no problems at all.

Jonny J.
Owner, Crossfit 5885

Delicious, thick and creamy texture, no weird tastes. I am allergic to, well, almost every protein powder out there so finding one truly free of allergens, with probiotic support and L-Glutamine was a great find. Thanks, well done.

T. Prieskorn

I love it... both flavors are wonderful... I have big plans and am in the process of coming up with creative and inspirational ways to use your protein... I am excited to have found a company / product with such integrity! Thank you!

Karen Junk
Owner, Hi-End Healing


No matter what you do, recovery is just a scoop away.


Crossfitters and Weightlifters depend on muscle recovery, strong connective tissue and healthy immune function. These novel, well studied nutrients found in Ultimate Paleo Protein have been shown to accomplish this, plus more. Easily digested protein from HydroBEEF and Grass fed Collagen peptides, additional support from L Glutamine, MCT Powder and Probiotics make this product in a class all of its own. Add in natural flavors and a touch of Stevia and you have the perfect great tasting protein drink, after a work or any time of the day.


A runners body requires a number of nutrients to stay healthy. Ultimate Paleo Protein supplies critical macro and micro nutrients to support muscle recovery as well as nutrients to support a healthy immune system (if your sick you can't train). It also mixing easily in water or smoothie and tastes fantastic!


Our Ultimate Paleo Protein provides nutrients that support muscle, connective tissue, and immune function. This easy to mix, great tasting protein powder can be used after exercise or any other time of the day for a quick protein boost.


As we age we require a number of nutrients including quality protein that is easy to digest and absorb. HydroBEEF and collagen peptides do just that. The recent addition of collagen peptides to our formula provides critical connective tissue and joint support.


No matter your interests or activity level is, Ultimate Paleo Protein is a great bio-available protein source that provides critical nutrients, amino acids, vitamins and minerals to your body all in a simple to mix, great tasting protein powder. It is hypoallergenic, free from common allergens, and contains absolutely NOTHING artificial! The product goes through regular testing for purity and potency.