Ultimate Paleo Protein is an all-natural, non-GMO protein powder supplying incredible recovery, immune support and easy digestibility for every body.

With simple, clean ingredients, it's free of hormones, additives and allergens. It also boasts the recovery benefits of L-glutamine, fat-burning qualities of MCT and a digestive boost from probiotics for a complete nutritional powerhouse. Even better? It tastes DELICIOUS.

gluten free • dairy free • soy free • egg free • paleo friendly • grass fed • non-GMO

What does your protein powder taste like?

Don't worry — our protein powder tastes nothing like beef! Our unflavored/unsweetened protein has virtually no taste, while our flavored varieties have a pleasant chocolate or vanilla flavor. The most common feedback we receive from consumers is that it's delicious, mixes seamlessly with water and has no grit. 

Natural flavoring and a touch of stevia provides a light, sweet taste. We use only the purest stevia so there's no bitter aftertaste, which is common with other forms.

Where does the protein come from?

Our grass-fed, pasture-raised beef protein is from Germany. It's regularly and rigorously tested for no hormones, antibiotics or anything artificial. This is PURE BEEF PROTEIN!

Why do you use the specific nutrients found in your protein powder?

These nutrients are intended to work together. We combine grass-fed beef protein with grass-fed collagen peptides to form a unique protein with the benefits of collagen. We then add a full 500mg of pharmaceutical grade L-Glutamine for GI support and absorption. MCT powder helps with an energy boost and 1 billion CFU of well-studied GanedenBC30 is added to support digestion, immune health and uptake of protein.

Who might benefit from this protein?

Every body! Active individuals and athletes at any level, people with digestive complaints, and individuals on paleo and keto diets. Even the elderly and children can enjoy it as this protein is hypoallergenic and easy to absorb. Truly, our products are for anyone looking to incorporate more QUALITY protein into their diet.

What's the difference between the Original and Performance formulas?

Both Original and Performance use our signature blend of grass-fed beef protein and grass-fed collagen peptides. In addition, 500mg of pharmaceutical grade L-Glutamine is added to each serving along with 50mg of water soluble MCT powder from coconuts. We use GanedenBC30 Bacillus coagulans probiotic in our Original formula and LactoSpore Bacillus coagulans in our Performance formula.

The main difference is in our Performance formula we add VELOSITOL. VELOSITOL is a amylopectin/chromium complex that has been shown to double the uptake of protein in a single shake. It has also been shown to enhance glucose metabolism to fuel muscle after a workout. This is why athletes and active individuals may choose the Performance protein.

Does your protein mix with just water?

Yes! Our protein mixes well in ROOM TEMPERATURE water, making it the perfect post-workout recovery drink. Our customers also add it to smoothies or whisk it in their favorite nut milk for the perfect protein experience. It can also be added to hot coffee for a protein-boosted cup of your favorite coffee.

How well does your protein mix with liquids?

We're proud to use a process called "AGGLOMERATION or INSTANTIZED" with all of our beef protein & collagen peptide products to improve their mixability.
This natural process injects water into the collagen & beef protein, introducing more water molecules so when it is mixed with a drink, the water molecules bind more easily with the collagen and beef protein. This leads to improved dispersibility and dissolving, making our products fluffier and less dense.


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