"I can't keep it on the shelf. Its a fantastic product, and even our members with extremely sensitive systems tolerate it with no problems at all."

-Jonny J.

Owner, CrossFIT 5885


"I love it... both flavors are wonderful... I have big plans and am in the process of coming up with creative and inspirational ways to use your protein... I am excited to have found a company / product with such integrity! Thank you!"

-Karen Junk

Owner, Hi-End Healing

"I'm a 56 year old Personal Trainer and I've been using REPS and Ultimate Paleo Protein as my only supplements for training. I've lost 50 pounds and am getting stronger using that combination. I have many clients using them too with similar results!

P.S. One of my clients Megan S. just completed in a National Power Lifting contest and took Silver and set 2 State records in the 118 pound weight class. Squat 248.5 and Dead Lift 315 at a body weight of 118."


-Todd Erickson