"I can't keep it on the shelf. Its a fantastic product, and even our members with extremely sensitive systems tolerate it with no problems at all."

-Jonny J.

Owner, CrossFIT 5885


"I love it... both flavors are wonderful... I have big plans and am in the process of coming up with creative and inspirational ways to use your protein... I am excited to have found a company / product with such integrity! Thank you!"

-Karen Junk

Owner, Hi-End Healing

"I have been using Ultimate Paleo Protein powder from Tailor Made Nutrition for about a year and I am loving it!  I like to have a protein smoothie in the morning for a quick breakfast for myself and my kids or as a post work-out recovery drink.  I had been using a different brand of protein powder for years that I really liked but was just looking for a change.  I have been a customer of Tailor Made nutrition for several years and always look to the owner, Mark and the rest of his staff for good nutritional or health advice.  To say Mark is a wealth of knowledge is an understatement.  I learned about all the research that went into the formulation of this product and was intrigued. It is made with HydroBeef protein that comes from grass fed cows with no added hormones.  It is very easy to digest and has no gluten, dairy, soy, or egg.  It is Paleo friendly. This is a very clean protein.  It also has a built in pro-biotic as well as L-glutamine which is a power house amino acid.  L-glutamine promotes digestive and brain health, promotes muscle growth and recovery and fights cancer and also improves blood sugar control.  That is the science behind this protein powder, but I have to say it tastes good too!  My smoothies are smooth and creamy and have no bad aftertaste from artificial sweeteners and fillers. I am so happy to have found this protein and Tailor Made Nutrition!"


-Jen Martin

"I'm a 56 year old Personal Trainer and I've been using REPS and Ultimate Paleo Protein as my only supplements for training. I've lost 50 pounds and am getting stronger using that combination. I have many clients using them too with similar results!

P.S. One of my clients Megan S. just completed in a National Power Lifting contest and took Silver and set 2 State records in the 118 pound weight class. Squat 248.5 and Dead Lift 315 at a body weight of 118."


-Todd Erickson